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Kids' Classes

We are so happy to be able to provide Kids' Classes at Wet Brush Studio! Kid's classes are considered private events, and you will need to contact us at steven@wetbrushstudio, or by phone: 405-657-0604, to set up your event. We love kids and are excited to be able to teach them art and share in their fun, learning experiences!

Pricing for kids' classes: price is a total flat rate, depending on the number of kids, and costs less than adult classes. We can teach a minimum of 5-15 kids per event. If you have a special situation and either have below or above that many kids, please let us know, and we can work something out. At Wet Brush Studio, we want both the parents and kids to have a good time! Kids' Class featured paintings will be posted soon to our Gallery page. Please let us know through our facebook page, or through contacting us, if you have a request for a Kid's painting that you would like us to create! We are always open to new ideas! That's what makes art thrive!

Our Professional Artist

Find out more about our professional Artist, Karin Dodd, on our... 

Self Portrait  by Karin Dodd

Oil on Canvas

Artist page!

Private Lessons

Also, we are happy to announce that we offer private painting classes for any paint medium! If you are interested in improving your artistic skills, or you just want to impress your friends or family, this would be a good way to accomplish that goal! Our professional artist can teach any paint medium for beginner artists to intermediate artists, who just want to learn how to paint in different mediums or in different techniques. If your son or daughter is in an art class at school and would like a tutor, we can offer private lessons to help them improve their art for school. Please contact us for pricing for private lessons!

Wet Brush Studio Painting Classes in Oklahoma!

Private Events

We  host private events for a minimum of 8-30 people at any location of your choice. Our price for private parties depends on how many guests will be attending. We charge a set total price for the number of guests, and it is non-negotiable if there are cancellations. At private events, we will  be painting on 16"x 20" sized canvases with acrylic paint, unless you specify a different size in advance. We provide aprons to help protect your clothes, but please dress appropriately for a painting class. If you should get paint on your clothes, we can usually get it out if it's treated immediately with our cleaning solution and water, so don't worry too much, but please dress in clothing that you wouldn't mind getting paint on.

Have a Party!

​Private events are a great way to spend time with friends and family, or for bachelorette parties, girls' night outs, clubs, office team building events, birthday parties, or for any reason! We will come to the location of your choice, even your own home! Just take a look at the paintings in our gallery to choose from for your private event, or if you would like to paint something else that you don't see in our gallery, just contact us by email or phone via our Contact page, and we would be happy to create the painting of your choice! Private events are so much fun, so please grab some friends or family members and book a private art class with us for any occasion!​

Have a Single Collaborative Painting Party!

We offer single painting, Collaborative painting parties, where all guests can work on one painting for a gift for a loved one or just for fun! We do offer this service! It's a fun way for a group of friends to get together and all work on one awesome piece of art, and our professional artist will teach, as well as make sure the end result looks perfect, by adding her own touch and enhancements! We custom make the canvas too! Canvas size is usually 28" x 33", to make sure everyone has room to work. We can do one big painting for larger groups to paint on! Contact us at or (405)626-0963, for more info!


Wet Brush Studio is also happy to help churches, schools, and various organizations with raising funds for people in need and other similar causes! If you are a church and need help raising money for missions, or just need a fun, positive team building activity, Wet Brush Studio would be happy to offer you painting classes at affordable prices! Our fundraisers are ONLY $35/person with a maximum of 45 people per event. We like to keep classes at or under this size for the overall quality and experience of the class, although if you want to allow more people to help, we can always help you with more events.

Wet Brush Studio's goal is to have affordable prices for people who wish to help fundraisers for missions and various causes, by giving more to missions through our rates. Helping missions is very important to us, so if you work for a church that needs help raising funds for missions or similar causes, please feel free to contact us at 405-657-0604 or email us at to set up a fun, creative fundraising event!