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Thank you for choosing Wet Brush Studio to fulfill your fun, artistic needs!

If you have any questions or requests, please visit our Contact page and we'll be happy to get in touch with you! 

Types of Classes

Here at Wet Brush Studio, we have several different types of classes, which you can learn about in greater detail on our Classes page. We have private painting parties, fundraisers, kids' classes, and private lessons. If you would like Karin to create a custom painting of your choice, or if you would like to have a private party, you can book a private class by contacting us by phone or email via our Contact page. Private classes can be held at any location of your choice, whether it's at your favorite restaurant, office, school, church, or your own home.

We are happy to bring the art to you, wherever you decide you want to host your party!  Our private party sizes range from a minimum of 8-30 people per class, at a flat total rate for the number of guests attending. For more information about our classes, such as fundraisers, kids' classes, and private lessons, please check out our Classes page.

​Basically, we are just fun, artsy people, wanting to have a good time, teaching you awesome people to paint and create other various works of art from time to time!

Wet Brush Studio Painting Classes in Oklahoma! 

About Us

Wet Brush Studio is a travelling Art/Entertainment business from Edmond, OK, hosting painting parties at a location of your choice, across Oklahoma, and possibly in other states, periodically! At Wet Brush Studio, we focus on giving our customers the best quality experience and service for an affordable price. We want you to enjoy your time with us, learning to create your own unique works of art, while having fun at Wet Brush Studio painting classes in Oklahoma!

Wet Brush Studio is a family owned and operated fine art business. Steven S. Dodd is the owner of Wet Brush Studio, and also happens to have the rare gift of manipulating metal through welding! Steven has always had an appreciation for the arts, and created Wet Brush Studio in the fall of 2013,  to provide more creativity and artistic variety, culture, and education for whoever appreciates the arts and would like to learn!

In the future, Steven plans on  sharing more information about his skills through a page dedicated to his artwork and skill in creating bows, swords, manipulation of metals, as well as any other artifacts, tools, or vehicles that he creates! 

At Wet Brush Studio, we have our very own professional artist,Karin Dodd, who will teach each selected painting with simple steps, during our  private parties, so you can enjoy yourself while learning to paint! Karin is a wonderful teacher and talented artist, so if you have any questions or need any help with the steps, she is more than happy to work with you, so don't be afraid to ask!​

Also, if you would rather have a custom painting made for you, instead of painting one yourself, Karin accepts commissions for custom artwork. Please let us know if you would like to just buy a painting! We have excellent prices for the art we create because we know times can be tough, but want to allow people to be able to afford to decorate their homes or give gifts to loved ones! If interested, please contact our artist at for more information on custom artwork!

​We want this to be a fun learning experience for you! Also, we will have a couple decent breaks during classes, so you can eat, enjoy your favorite drink, and have a fun time interacting with friends and meeting new ones! We will take pictures throughout the night to share with you on our Facebook page, so be sure to like us at Wet Brush Studio on Facebook and tag yourself!